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Why is it good to use warehousing services?

An e-commerce platform gives you the opportunity to start your business from scratch. This means you can start a business by storing your product at home / small storage, selling it online, and then shipping it yourself. In such manner, you are not required to have specific skills nor you face extra costs to start a business online. However, if you are successful and your sales start growing, you will also start facing some challenges. Growing sales require more inventory, and then the question arises: where to store the goods? How to handle complex logistics professionally? The storage of goods requires extra attention / time, which increases the need to recruit more people so you can prepare and ship products on time. But most importantly, where to find premises that are suitable for the storage of your goods? All of this can become not only a real headache for a new entrepreneur, but it also requires resources that he or she does not necessarily have. In this case, choosing a company that provides logistics services is not only more convenient, but is ultimately a cheaper solution. The logistics center will not only store the goods but it will also take care of packaging and shipping off the goods to the end user, which again greatly simplifies the client's processes. As long as the professionals take care of the storage and shipping of your goods, you will be able to devote more time towards improving and developing your business. The logistics center, using the most modern technologies and systems, will ensure easy and accurate tracking of the quantities of goods, ensuring a smooth movement of your goods in the 3PL center.

Price of warehousing services

1962 uses an exclusive payment model, where a client doesn't pay for an empty or unused warehouse space, the client only pays for the area where the goods are actually stored. The price will also depend on what additional services will be requested by the business. It is important to mention that we are flexible and adapt to the needs of each client. Our service packages are extensive, e.g. you will choose whether you need us to monitor the inventory of the goods or you would rather do it yourself. Each package is tailored separately, however we do have a general price-list which can be used by the customer to make estimations, but it is not final and will depend on individual business needs and volumes.

Why should you use 3PL services?


Running logistics business inevitably results in working with several clients simultaneously, which means that many of the costs incurred are “shared” and thus the cost of services per client is significantly reduced.


Taking care of your storage in-house can be particularly stressful and costly, not only you have to invest in human resources heavily as you have to keep an eye on inventory and manage it accordingly, but you also need to invest in rent / acquisition of storage facility, technology and other equipment. This burden is completely lifted of your shoulders with 1962.


Our order and product management system can be integrated with all types of e-commerce platforms which allows for seamless and automated experience.


With years of experience in logistics and e-commerce businesses, we have developed an in depth knowledge of the industries, gathered and analysed a wide range of data and other information to be able to create best practices, optimize our activities and provide company tailored solutions.


Customer satisfaction depends on several factors with order delivery still remaining one of the most important criteria. This is why, we leave it to our clients to assure the quality of their goods, while our duty is to pick, pack and deliver the orders as quickly as possible..


We are partners with the largest courier service providers, meaning that your business will be able to reach end customers worldwide. We can offer particularly attractive rates and delivery speed to customers in Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Lithuania.

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